Photography Services in Wilmington, Delaware

Sugarhill Photography provides a wide range of photography services for you to choose from. From Portraits to Aerial Photography we are happy to assist you with all of your photography needs.

* Fundraisers-JDRF,MDFDE, Special Olympics, Mud Run, JR Mud Run and Let's find a cure are all great causes. With Sugarhill Inc let us help paint that picture for memories and show others your message.

* Real Estate- Sugar Hill Inc., will give you quality shots and help prepare quality portfolios to help in the selling process. Aerial shots are available as well.

* Bands-We have worked with many talented artists and are always looking for more to promote and provide quality professional photography services. Examples of Band artists we have worked with are: Mike Hines in the Look, Kristen and Noise, Mr. Greengenes, The Drifters, JT and the Crest, Pretty Lyons and lot more.

* Fashion Shows-If you are an up and coming model and wish to be in Fashion Shows, contact us for portfolio services. We will work to create the best professional quality photos for you. We also have various agency contacts.

* Portraits-If you are in need of head shots, Sugarhill Inc, can provide single and family head shots. We can accommodate an inside or outside setting of your choice. Bring your family in for group photo shoots as well.

* Corporate Events-From VIP events, Luncheons, Happy Hours and Office Parties Sugarhill Inc can capture all of your memories. Trust us to provide professional, quality photos.

* Aerial Photography-We provide aerial photography for commercial or residential real estate, weddings, gutters and full roofs.

* Red Carpet-Proms, Special Events, Anniversary VIP events, we provide a Star Studded photo shoot for your enjoyment and memories.